Quick User Manager 1.0 Download for Windows, Quick User Manager Review


Quick User Manager 1.0 Download for Windows, Quick User Manager Review

Quick User Manager is a small program to quickly manage user accounts in Windows. It is an alternative program to the available options in the Control Panel, which will often be simply faster and more convenient to use, because the availability of features is here somewhat clearer than in the proposed system. The possibility of reviewing the application, information on existing accounts, as well as the possibility to edit or create new computer users.

Quick User Manager 1.0 Download for Windows

In any case, the use of Quick User Manager, we work really on the capabilities of the system (eg. Change your password or account name). The exception is, for example, the module set or change the graphic assigned to a particular user (avatar); program supplied by the manufacturer here in a few additional options to appropriately centered or crop the image. Besides the addition, there is really the GUI interpretation opportunities available directly in the Windows Control Panel. Of course, this is not a defect or complaint about too little functionality of the application. Its main purpose is to provide a user with the appropriate settings much faster than is achievable in standard mode.

In this task, the Quick User Manager is doing great; simply double-clicking on the desktop icon to get to all the required option (in the case of system manager would require at least several operations and the subsequent switch between tabs). It is worth noting that the manufacturer's website you will find a short, but very useful manual; we'll get to it also directly from the application by clicking on the top of the "Online help" (requires internet connection of course).

The program does not require installation.

Manufacturer: Carifred
License: Freeware (Free)
Operating System: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 / 8.1

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