Tablacus Explorer Download Free for Windows, Tablacus Explorer Review


Tablacus Explorer Download Free for Windows, Tablacus Explorer Review

Tablacus Explorer is an interesting file manager for Windows. The program comes with some useful mechanisms that significantly improve the management of data stored on the disk. One of them is based interface cards. Noteworthy is also the opportunity to extend its functionality by means of plug-ins. The official website of the application Tablacus Explorer will find a large number of additives to change the look of the address bar, adding the ability to modify the attributes of files and folders that allow for convenient data selection.

Tablacus Explorer Download Free for Windows

Other features of the Tablacus Explorer program:
- The ability to work on several panels (up to 4)
- Access to the Windows Explorer context menu,
- Fully customizable keyboard shortcuts and mouse gestures aliases,
- Copy paths to the system clipboard,
- Several standard view modes (small / large icons, list, details, tiles, content, tree)
- Sorting and grouping of data,
- A list of your favorite locations,
- The ability to customize the contents of each menu,
- Useful options for the management of cards (blocking mode switching Explorer, mass closure etc.)
- Advanced configuration options,
- Full Unicode support,
- Comfortable undo and redo operations.

Tablacus Explorer is developed on the basis of the MIT license. The project is open source code is available from GitHub service level. The application does not require installation - just unpack the ZIP archive to any location on your hard drive or an external storage medium. In the package you will find a dedicated version for 64-bit (file TE64.exe) and 32-bit (TE32.exe file).
For the stable operation of the program is suggested to have Internet Explorer version 8 or higher.
Manufacturer: Gaku
License: GNU GPL (free)

Operating System: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7/8 / 8.1

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