Advanced Host Monitor 9.90 Full Setup Free Download


Advanced Host Monitor 9.90 Full Setup Free Download

What is HostMonitor Software?

Advanced HostMonitor is a highly recommended and salable network monitoring software that is very suitable for small to enterprise-level networks. If you are losing money just because of down servers problems then we recommend you to used Advanced Host Monitor tool that continuously monitors servers' availability and performance.

Advanced Host Monitor

HostMonitor Software is considered the best system management tool that point network errors, and alerts the network administrator before problems get seriously out of hand. Through this software you can protect the company's data and reduces the likelihood of costly network failures.

What HostMonitor Software can check?

HostMonitor software can check any ping a host, TCP service, check a route, FTP, monitor Web, DNS servers, Mail etc. It can also check the monitor size of a file or folder, amount of free physical or virtual memory, available disk space, CPU usage, check integrity of your files and web site; it tests your SQL servers, monitors network traffic and much, much more.

 Publishers: Ks Soft
File Size: 18.5 MB
Operating System Required: Win 8 / Win 7 / Vista/ XP