Download FileZilla + 3.10.0 RC 2 Free


Download FileZilla + 3.10.0 RC 2 Free

FileZilla Client, a free FTP client that is available as open source software. While ease of use, the program offers high functionality in terms of uploading files to FTP servers, download files from FTP servers, and manage files available on those servers. FileZilla Client supports FTP, FTP over SSL / TLS (FTPS) and SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP), serving both the communication protocol IPv4 and IPv6. Communication is possible through proxy servers using HTTP / 1.1, SOCKS5 and FTP. The client runs on a variety of computer platforms - Windows, Mac OS, Linux and BSD. It is worth noting that the creators of the project also prepared FileZilla Server software, operating as an FTP server for Windows.

Download FileZilla + 3.10.0 RC 2 Free

FileZilla Client main features:

• Support for FTP, FTP over SSL / TLS (FTPS), SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) support for IPv4 and IPv6
• Support for proxy servers using HTTP / 1.1, SOCKS5 and FTP
• Different modes of connecting to a server as Quick Connect (remembering recent calls), Manager pages (FTP address list of websites with the capabilities of the advanced configuration parameters of each call), re-connect to the last used server
• Automatic re-connection (if the server supports this feature)
• Network Connection Wizard - Extended connection configuration, the selection of connection modes (passive and active), to help in adjusting to the rules of the program calls firewall,
• Directory and file explorer local and remote, functions related to browsing files / directories available locally and / or on the server, as well as the performance of the corresponding operations on files and directories - sending and downloading (also via drag and drop), creating new folders, changing names, deleting data from the server, changing the attributes of files on the server. Information column names explorer inform, sizes, types and dates of these files / directories, as well as access rights to files / folders on the server and assigned to one of the owners and groups. Explorer supports the mechanism of cards, so you can manage data across multiple FTP servers simultaneously. Besides, we can use bookmarks to specific local and remote directories, preview and edit function remote files, synchronized browsing mode (eg. The transition to the remote folder will be transferred automatically to its equivalent in the local mining panel), as well as view hidden files on the FTP server
• Explorer, filter the results based on various parameters names of local files and remote,
• Advanced search for files on the FTP server
• Comparison of local and remote directories in terms of size or file modification times,
• Transfer list (a list of files in the queue of the transfer, the list of failed and successful transfers) pause and resume transfers, re-upload / download data, support for large files (up to 4GB), the ability to preserve modification dates of the transferred file transfer modes (auto, ASCII, binary, the ability to set each mode for the selected file types), manual configuration of the transfer of advanced parameters, limits data transfer speed, simultaneous transfers, simultaneous downloads and transmissions, filtering invalid characters in file names, the choice of actions to be performed automatically when the files already present in the target location have the same names as the files you want to transfer (overwrite the file, replacing only in cases where it is older than the transferred file to overwrite the file when its size is different than the size of the source file, resuming transfers, file rename, skip file transfer),
• Detailed log window informs about all events related to connections and transfers, log is saved to a local file,
• FTP command input window,
• The ability to support a program using command line commands,
• Export import data to / from XML files - with options for data-sharing sites Manager, data transfer cable and software configuration.

FileZilla Client graphical interface looks pretty decent in terms of the visual. In the settings configured graphical style interface, besides almost all tool panels can, if necessary, to hide or show again. Less experienced users quickly master the handling of the tool as long as they have, although general knowledge of the principles of operation of FTP clients and servers. In case of any problems, you can read the extensive help and documentation that are made available on the project website (not the Polish-language instruction).


Setup also proposes to install third-party applications that may not necessarily be desired by the user and they can change it. Search engine web browser to view the content of advertising. Installation of external programs can be easily overlooked, just use a few times with well visible the "do not agree".

Producer: Tim Kosse
License: Freeware (Free)
Size: 6.24 MB

Operating System: Windows Vista / 7/8 / 8.1

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