Twitter is Criticized for Ignoring Nuclear War Between Donald Trump and North Korea


Twitter is Criticized for Ignoring Nuclear War Between Donald Trump and North Korea

President Donald Trump just hooks that it is predicted to trigger a nuclear war between the US and North Korea. But Twitter seems calm about this discussion.

Reporting on NBC News, it started on Tuesday (2/1) yesterday, where North Korean leader Kim Jong-un said he has a nuclear button on his desk, and the nuclear is able to reach the United States. Jong-un even mentions that it is "not a threat, but a reality."

Twitter is Criticized for Ignoring Nuclear War Between Donald Trump v/s North Korea

Hearing this, Trump via Twitter responded: "I also have a nuclear button, but (nuclear button) is bigger and more powerful than his (Kim Jong-un), and my buttons work!"

Warganet flocked to Twitter jokingly while asking whether the tease violates Twitter's policy about the threat of violence. But based on Twitter's response to the warganet's report , Twitter mentioned that "there is no violation of Twitter's policy against violent behavior."

Even Mashable got a direct confirmation from Twitter news where the president's  did not violate their policies, which carries the threat of violence and extolled the violence.

The policy Trump is supposed to violate says, "You must not threaten specific violence or require physical, death, or disease harm to individuals, groups or nations."

Earlier in December, Twitter is also not responsive about President Trump who retweet anti-Muslim video.

Twitter through the CEO, Jack Dorsey, mentions that "we made the wrong excuse about why we did not take action on the video (anti-Muslims who don byTrump)," Jack said that "We still look critically at all of our policies, and appreciate all incoming suggestions," he added.

Previously, Twitter through an unnamed spokesman mentioned that "there may be a rare opportunity when we should allow controversial content or behavior that might harm us, to remain on our service (Twitter), as we believe there is a legitimate public interest in the presence of that person. " In this case, it is implied that the president will not be wiped out because he is "the carrier of the public interest."

This is exacerbated by two cites from the official @Twittersafety account, which says that "the video is allowed on Twitter based on Twitter's current media policy."

This is criticized by netizens, called Twitter actually promotes hatred against the marginalized. Moreover, the reason that every video is allowed to remain on the platform, only with a warning that the video contains hazardous content.

So it can be concluded that as lousy as any Trump issue, Twitter will not lower it because it contains news value and there are public interests brought by Trump.