Samsung Galaxy S9 With A Fingerprint Reader Built Into The Screen?


Samsung Galaxy S9 With A Fingerprint Reader Built Into The Screen?

Apple surprised everyone completely by giving up the fingerprint reader on the iPhone X. The phone is based on Face ID technology, which recognizes the face of the user.

Samsung Galaxy S9 With A Fingerprint Reader Built Into The Screen?

Samsung has probably chosen a different path of development and in its latest flagship; it can implement a fingerprint reader built into the screen. A suitable patent describing this technology has been published by WIPO (World International Property Organization).

It shows that the user's finger will be recognized directly by the display. On the screen, you will find at least 12 points that will allow you to verify your fingerprint.

Not Just A Screen Lock

This way you will be able to unlock the screen, but the solutions will not end there. The patent describes several other applications. For example, it will be possible to secure it with a photo gallery.

If the finger is recognized, the user will have access to all photos. However, if the gallery is launched by another person, only photographs that have not been hidden will be displayed. One application will, therefore, present different content depending on who will launch it.

Similarly, the issue will look like messengers. The user will be able to hide conversations with selected persons so that they are not visible if the appropriate fingerprint is not verified.

The Samsung patent reveals that developers will be able to use this feature in their own applications, specifying two data display states - after correct verification of the user and after the lack of recognition of the right person.

The Main Feature of NEW Galaxy S9?
Although the patent on the WIPO website was published only last week, the corresponding application was submitted in April 2017. What's more, the Korean patent office received similar documents almost a year ago. And this may indicate that Samsung is ready to implement this technology.

The fingerprint reader built into the screen can thus be the main function of the Samsung Galaxy S9. However, if the technology is not ready yet, it is possible that we will see it in the Galaxy Note 9.

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