Portable Listen N Write Free Download for PC


Portable Listen N Write Free Download for PC

The Portable Listen N Write program fast and easy to listen and transcribe lectures, interviews and recorded lectures. Now " Listen N Write software" is also available in PORTABLE !!! Listen N Write a program to facilitate the writing of the content of audio and video recordings. This is actually a combination of media player and a simple text editor. Portable Listen N Write does not use voice recognition does not carry out the automatic transcription, we have to make all the text alone. The player, although it seems not particularly impressive, it has some interesting features, very helpful in writing down what you hear.

Portable Listen N Write

The program "Listen N Write" allows you to listen to any media file both audio and video, with a difference from the common player is provided with convenient buttons that let you switch back and forth for a few seconds and a built-in text editor, also every time you press the "pause" button to transcribe the text listened, the program sends the playback 1 second back facilitating playback of the last words that are often difficult to understand (often truncated or not "stored" in the head), preventing the user do this manually, allowing you to perform transcripts quickly and, especially, without doing "crazy" who in turn must move the cursor back and forth to the advancement listen to the words or phrases not included (I do not the precise point I guess you never!).

The program is ideal for:

- Students are recording classes;
- Professionals such as journalists who, due to the nature of their work, they are often forced to continue exhausting and transcripts of interviews;
- Goers courses of update, conferences, workshops, seminars, etc.

Size: 1:04 MB
License: Freeware

Author: Marcello Pietrelli