Download Free Restore Point Creator 2.6 Build 3 for Windows


Download Free Restore Point Creator 2.6 Build 3 for Windows

Restore Point Creator is a specialized tool for managing, creating and deleting simplified recovery point of the system. Keep the system updated and running is essential not to lose important files , photos and personal documents that are saved within the computer that at any moment may stop working due to some system error, virus or other. The easiest method to restore Windows in case of problems, is the creation of restore points recoverable at any time.

Download Free Restore Point Creator

However the management of recovery points is inconvenient and complicated if you do not have adequate computer skills; In this regard, Restore Point Creator helps in simplified management of restore points in Windows.

Restore Point Creator is also available in a portable version that can be carried and used by any workstation. As soon as you run this program for the first time, automatically detects all the restore points saved in the computer showing alongside everyone the details including the creation date, description and type.

With Restore Point Creator you can create new anointed restore, or delete obsolete ones in order to save space on the hard drive of the computer; especially useful on units with limited space. Restore Point Creator also allows you to plan is the creation of restore points, is the elimination after certain periods of time.

Size: 558 KB
Language: English
License: Freeware
Author: Tom Parkison