Webcam Software: Turn On and Off WebCam Using WebCam On-Off 1.1


Webcam Software: Turn On and Off WebCam Using WebCam On-Off 1.1

WebCam On-Off is a small program that allows safely enable or disable the functionality of our web camera or laptop computer set. Thus it makes possible to increase security while using the computer, in terms of access to the camera by a third applications, which are often all factions of malicious spyware. The application WebCam On-Off allows the user to make sure that when you do not need a camera to work, no one from the outside will not have access to its image.

The Webcam Software (program)is very easy to use. Once it starts, the eyes of the user shows a small window that offers a quick view of devices that provide an image on your computer, as well as three buttons associated with the service. With their help it is possible to activate the operation (or deactivation) of devices that you click on the list. It is possible to simultaneously operate several of them at the same time; just select the desire to change the status of the selected cameras, and then only once to select the appropriate option (activation or off). A third of the buttons in the program gives you quick access to view camera view. We have it at the disposal of the zoom buttons, select the shooting, as well as additional settings in which we can select the video source, as well as check the parameters of the display color of the material.

The addition of a built-in WebCam On-Off  program shortcut to the device manager in the system, the user can quickly move to the additional settings (on, among other cameras installed on your computer). The only form of assistance to the application is a short text file "Read me", which is in the charge of the program package.

After unpacking the archive file, the program does not require installation.

Manufacturer: Sordum
License: Freeware (Free)

Operating System: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 / 8.1