Kaspersky System Checker 1.2. Free Download, Kaspersky System Checker Review


Kaspersky System Checker 1.2. Free Download For Windows, Kaspersky System Checker Review

Kaspersky System Checker is a product created by one of the most successful security companies. The program can diagnose the system to detect any computer vulnerabilities as well as issues that could affect PC performance.

Kaspersky System Checker 1.2. Free Download For Windows

Kaspersky System Checker performs a unique analysis to identify potential threats and system-related problems that could betray the presence of malware or impact the operation of the machine.

Kaspersky System Checker displays information about issues that could become serious vulnerabilities. For example, it detects if Internet Explorer is authorized to download ActiveX components, if you need to install system updates or if the antivirus software used is not updated.

It also shows warnings if UAC is disabled or if the host files in Windows have changed.