How to Advertise on Twitter, Guide to Advertising on Twitter


How to Advertise on Twitter, Guide to Advertising on Twitter

Advertising on Twitter: The number of active users of Twitter exceeds 200 million, as is expected to increase advertising revenue. According to eMarketer, advertising revenues on Twitter this year will be $ 259.9 million.

Advertising on Twitter is different from other online advertising options, it includes CPC, product demonstration, advertising on social networks and all this fits in 140 characters or less. As in other social advertising, advertisers can establish a relationship with consumers directly, where they also share marketing messages.

How to Advertise on Twitter, Guide to Advertising on Twitter

Advertising on Twitter is built into the user interface; it also appears in the content. Advertising has become more relevant because it is displayed based on the similarity of subscribers to accounts in general.

A unique feature of advertising on Twitter is that users can work with it on multiple levels. For example, follow links, reply to ads, share with others, or add to a common list.

Why do I need to advertise on Twitter?
For some marketing tasks this is the best solution:

Advancement: Recommended for time-dependent events
Brand fame: Allows advertisers to show the product to a potential audience
Subscribers: Fee-per-subscription to increase subscriber base and use this audience for communication and promotion in the future.

Twitter has 3 promotional products:

1. Promoted Account
A promoted account is offered to users based on the list of people they are subscribed to. When an advertiser promotes an account, Twitter identifies similar accounts, and, based on this, recommends it to users who have signed up for similar accounts.

2. Promoted Tweets
Promoted tweets appear right in the message stream among free tweets. Twitter regularly analyzes the degree of involvement in tweets of advertisers to determine the 5 most fascinating for creating ads that will come to users automatically.

And although you cannot choose a specific tweet, it is possible to remove tweets that you do not want to promote.

3. Promoted Trends
Promoted trends are displayed next to the users' message stream on among the main Twitter directions, they are matched according to the location of users and those to whom they are subscribed.

Advertising is displayed at the top of the list of popular topics. Promoted trends at the moment are presented in the beta version and do not have a large selection of advertisers.

Ads Targeting
Algorithm Twitter automatically selects tweets for the promotion and users who see them.

Finance and Proposed Prices
The budget is determined at the level of the promoted product. Once the daily budget is reached, advertising stops showing.

The price of advertising on Twitter a promoted account is assigned for each subscriber, advertisers pay only for new subscribers. The recommended price at the start is $ .50- $ 2.50. Promoted tweets use pay-per-click, Twitter recommends a price of $ .50 to $ 1.50. The recommended price is based on the average price of all advertisers on Twitter. Prices are based on previous campaign metrics.