Download PrivaZer 3.0 for Windows, PrivaZer Review, PrivaZer Portable, PrivaZer Problems


Download PrivaZer 3.0 for Windows, PrivaZer Review, PrivaZer Problems, PrivaZer Portable

PrivaZer keeps the speed of your computer constant over time thanks to the numerous tools for cleaning and optimizing for Windows. The program PrivaZer has a simple interface, quite easy to understand, thanks to an intuitive layout.

Download PrivaZer 3.0 for Windows, PrivaZer Review, PrivaZer Problems

The application PrivaZer can delete useless files and other suspicious and unwanted files that put your computer and your privacy at risk. It performs in-depth scans and cleans the system safely, erasing all traces of Internet browsing and other activities.

PrivaZer Problems: 

As mentioned, the program PrivaZer can examine different areas of the computer. For example, you can check and delete all unnecessary browser cookies, invalid shortcuts in the start menu, corrupted links, thumbnail cache, auto-completion data in Internet browsers and much more. Moreover, it is possible to delete useless files left by previous versions of Windows, executable files for updates etc. etc.

Hibernation can also be disabled.

The application PrivaZer requires you to specify which device to scan; the computer, an external USB disk, a USB stick, an MP3 player, an iPod, an SD memory or a networked memory periphery.

Once scanned, you can know exactly how many problems it has detected and in which areas. The cleaning process takes a few minutes, depending on the number of errors detected.

Size: 7.15 MB
License: Free
Publisher: Goversoft LLC
Operating System: Windows