Microsoft Updates Skype for Windows 10 - New Skype Features


Microsoft Updates Skype for Windows 10 - New Skype Features

The new version of the messenger “Skype” is now available. Microsoft has released the latest update of the Skype for Windows 10. There are several interesting new features of Skype.

First of all, a gallery was added to the conversation window. This will allow us to quickly display all shared files, videos or images.

Another Skype feature is a notification panel, through which we can see if someone has recently quoted us or mentioned us in a group conversation. This module also displays the reactions of other people to our news.

The status setting has also returned, so we can tell other people whether we have time to talk or are busy.

Microsoft has also improved the search engine, which now checks both individual and group conversations. Thanks to this, we will quickly find interesting information.

The latest version of Skype for Windows 10 can be downloaded directly from the Microsoft Store. We remind you that Microsoft has stopped the development of the "usual" version of Skype for devices powered by Windows 10. To use the latest features, you should install a messenger from the said store.

Source: Microsoft