What are Apple Plans for 2018? There Are Three New iPhones


What are Apple Plans for 2018? There Are Three New iPhones

According to information, the US giant plans to release next smartphones next year. Just like this year's conference, Apple can present three models of the popular iPhone.

The news of new smartphones from Apple was provided by Kuo. According to its sources, Apple will launch three new smartphones. Obviously, this is not the official information and you have to treat it with a grain of salt, but Kuo, given the previous accurate analysis, is a very reliable source of information.

What are Apple Plans for 2018- There Are Three New iPhones

The report also includes a photo that suggests what Apple will look like next year. We will notice that the new copies will inherit the screen after this year's iPhone X.

The most interesting, however, is that each of these phones will have a different size. The new iPhones will have 5.8 ", 6.1" and 6.5 "screens. Smartphones with the largest and smallest diagonal will be equipped with an OLED matrix, and the middle model, which is 6.1-inch, will have a TFT-LCD screen with a pixel density of 320-330 PPI.

Unofficial information also shows that the average model would be the weakest of all three, which would make it the cheapest (650 to 760 USD). The smallest and largest model would have the same components and of course, their price would be higher.

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