Great Brands Withdraw Their Advertising From YouTube. What is the Reason?


Great Brands Withdraw Their Advertising From YouTube. What is the Reason?

YouTube has not had a good time lately. With numerous reports of inappropriate content in children's videos, many of the famous brands have retracted their ads.

Speaking among others about HP, the manufacturer of sweets Mars, Lidlu, Deutsche Bank or even Diageo, owner of the brand Smirnoff, the Ads on YouTube are no longer showing Adidas. Video has a lot of trouble to deal with.


Why did the above companies abandon the ads on YouTube? The case concerns videos that are potentially targeted to children. In recent days there have been several reports that indicate that they are not suitable for the youngest. Also in the comments, many of them appear pedophile content.

These companies do not want to have anything to do with this type of business. To ensure that their ads are not appearing in these videos, they have decided to completely suspend their marketing activity on YouTube.

A survey conducted by the volunteers indicated that YouTube could be up to 100,000 active pedophiles who publish inappropriate comments. They include phone numbers, as well as requests for more videos with children, often under the age of 13.

YouTube promises a more effective way to combat this type of content. Last week more than 50 channels were removed, and since June, more than 3.5 million video ads have been blocked.

For many companies, YouTube's response is insufficient and too late, so it was decided to stop broadcasting ads on this site.