Google AdWords, The Way to Your Web - Google AdWords Keyword Tool


If you want to make your business known in the digital environment, Google AdWords is an indispensable tool for your goals. With it, we can position our ads in the powerful Google search engine through CPC (cost-per-click) campaigns.

This, a priors seems very simple, has behind it a whole world full of lights and shadows, in order to bring traffic to your website and position your brand.

Google AdWords, The Way to Your Web - Google AdWords Keyword Tool

Is the Google AdWords tool really that powerful?

The Google Company pays large sums of money for their AdWords campaigns. It is estimated that 95% of total revenues come from advertising campaigns. The reasons are simple:

1-Very competitive

It offers the possibility to carry out online campaigns at a very competitive price, especially when compared with offline or large media campaigns. This will help us improve visibility and position our brand where we are interested.

2- In Google There Is Room for Everyone

The bid system by which the ad appears in one position or another would be a system by which large companies could be made with the entire advertising space, especially for its price. But AdWords does not work exactly like this.

Its system rewards well-made campaigns, with a criterion, apart from the investment. So you could be competing against large corporations without having to overcome their investment.

3- Results in Real Time 

This is one of the most attractive actions of AdWords campaigns in relation to other formulas such as traditional ones. You can see how the campaign is working second by second, without having to wait 2 or 3 months to see reliable results.

The ability to obtain data in real time makes it possible to make the best decisions in order to optimize the results, either of visits or in positioning. To get the most out of it, it is best left in the hands of experts in positioning and digital marketing.

4- AdWords Always Wins the SEO By Hand

The SEO is key to getting a good position, but before getting and see the results of an organic positioning, you will already offering AdWords actual data.

You should not understand how to top an AdWords campaign to a natural positioning but complement each other. They are like two sides of the same coin, but working in tandem for a better positioning and traffic towards the web.

5- Great Level of Segmentation in Real Time

With this Google tool, you can perform a campaign focused on your target audience, directly and in real time. In other words, if the campaign is well designed, it will always reach the right users, no impacts or impressions will be wasted. And if the results are not what you expect by setting a potential audience wrong, you can change at any time.

Google AdWords, to make it easier for you to design a campaign, offers you very useful and interesting tools. Among them, the most we like is your keyword planner.

Among its most interesting features is:

 -The level of pressure and competition that certain keywords have, basically tells you how many users are looking for those words.

  -In relation to this pressure, it tells you what the cost per click of that keyword is. In the same way, it tells you the forecast of clicks that you will have with the indicated budget.

- High level of segmentation, whether by geographical location, device type, reach, coverage ... If you have an experienced team, you will get the most potential from your clicks.

-Google AdWords will also bring you a set of suggested words that you think might interest you. From this section, it is possible to take a couple of new routes to explore new market niches.

There are many other tools that, with the right equipment, will position you and take the audience you really need for the web.

Is it really the total online tool?

It seems that Google AdWords is the tool for your perfect online campaigns but, like everything else in life, it also has its downside, its disadvantages.

1- A Google AdWords Keyword Tool, in which you can create, launch and optimize an online campaign in the most powerful search engine is very attractive, so the competition level is very high in all sectors. The consequence of this is that you need expert hands that know how to handle this tool at an advanced level, only this way you will get the most out of Google AdWords and make the difference.

2- Getting positive results, and maintaining them, require a regular investment, only so you can maintain those first positions that your company needs so much. The only exception would be if your sector is fully seasonal, in which case you should focus your effort at that key moment.

3- AdWords has several tools that give you more or less accurate forecasts of the operation of the campaign. These forecasts are useful for setting goals. But even the best creativity possible cannot guarantee the success of the campaign.

4- Balance with SEO
Many other competitors will use Google AdWords properly. So complementing your SEM campaign with SEO is always a good idea. This is the only way you can make a difference with other competitors effectively.

In short, Google AdWords is an effective and very interesting tool if you are in expert hands, but it is not the solution to all your problems of online positioning. It should be an important part of your strategic planning, but you should also take into account SEO, Social Media, Social Ads, etc.

Only an appropriate mix, balanced and aligned with the real needs of your company can take you to the top positions above your competitors. And that can only be achieved if you have the best at your side.

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