Download Google Chrome Browser for iOS Free


Download Google Chrome for iOS Free

Mobile version of Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers. It has all the same usual high speed of work and a number of additional functions that make web surfing even more pleasant and convenient.

Download Google Chrome for iOS Free

Google Chrome for iOS will allow you to quickly access bookmarks and other your data, thanks to the function of synchronization between devices. To synchronize data, you only need to log into your Google account on all the devices you need: computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

Another important feature of Google Chrome is data compression. It will not only control the consumption of Internet traffic but also significantly reduce its consumption.

Google Chrome Browser will help you to quickly go to the previously visited pages. When you enter search queries, you will receive prompts, which saves you from having to constantly enter the same address or query.

A pleasant feature of the Google Chrome is support for voice search. You no longer need to type a search query, now you can just say it. Especially this function is useful for users of mobile devices with a small screen.

Another useful feature of Google Chrome is the quick translation of web pages. The program has a built-in translator and allows you to quickly translate all the text on sites in a language you understand in just one click.

The program supports working with an unlimited number of tabs and will allow you to easily switch between them.

The Google Chrome browser has an incognito mode. In this mode, the history of visited sites is not preserved, which will allow you to ensure the confidentiality of received and transmitted data.



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