Create a Bootable USB Flash Drive with WinToFlash, WinToFlash Download Keys Free


WinToFlash is software that allows you to transfer your Windows operating system from CD or DVD to a USB flash drive. This transfer of windows to a USB memory can be very useful, convenient and secure because many computers / laptops do not have a CD / DVD player because CD / DVD is often ruined and unreadable by losing our official copy of Windows.

Having a backup copy of Windows in a USB flash drive offers greater security and at the same time a better speed in the case of a new Windows installation.

WinToFlash safely transfers the Windows XP, Windows 2003, Win Vista, Win 2008, Win 7, Windows 8, etc. operating system to the USB drive, such as a proper capacity key, or to an external hard drive.

WinToFlash is able to transfer your live CDs or DVDs to USB drives, for example, BartPE. After that, you can delete the files from the USB drive and format it from Windows for daily use. The tool WintoFlash is very useful to create a Bootable USB Flash Drive.

Size: 9.15 MB
License: Free
Publisher: Novicorp
Operating System: Windows
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