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PostgreSQL 9.4.5 is a full object-relational database with license free style (BSD). PostgreSQL is a good alternative compared to other free products like MySQL, Firebird SQL and MaxDB that those closed source such as Oracle, Informix or DB2.

PostgreSQL Download Free

PostgreSQL offers unique features in its kind that puts him in the forefront for the database industry.

The strengths of the programmability of PostgreSQL are:
- Increase performance, because the logic is applied directly from the database server at once, reducing the flow of information between the client and the server.
- Increased reliability due to centralization of control code on the server, not having to manage synchronization logic between multiple client and server data.
- By inserting levels of abstraction data directly on the server, the client code can be more streamlined and simple.

Size: 55.9 MB
License: Freeware
Publisher: PostgreSQL
Operating System: Windows

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