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SlimBrowser is a browser based on Internet Explorer engine but with some very interesting features and additional tools. Slim Browser is a lightweight, efficient and intuitive interface with clear graphics with all controls close at hand.

SlimBrowser Download Free

Among the most interesting are the 'Auto Login' that saves and automatically fills login and password fields in the sites or forums that require it.

Other cool features of SlimBrowser are:

- Restore the last open sites: displays a list of open web pages recently, with the ability to recall them at will.
- Sites recently closed: displays information regarding access to the last two days with the option to clear the list completely.
- Quick start, quick browsing and downloading files Video & pictures quickly
- SlimBrowser does everything I need without additional plug
- AutoFill forms
- Integration with Facebook with a single click
- Easily download YouTube videos
- Download Manager extremely fast
- sending instant photo frames and photo
- Blocking unsolicited advertising
- Blocker
- Window customizable browser themes

Size: 3.74 MB
License: Freeware
Publisher: FlashPeak Inc.
Operating System: Windows

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