Wise Care 365 Free Download Latest Version 3.83.340

There are many ways to keep the computer in perfect condition, fast and functional for a long period of time. Regular cleaning of old files, shortcuts, windows temporary files, temporary internet files, cookies and registry optimization, systems are more fast but sometimes difficult to carry out manually.

Wise Care 365 is the ideal tool for performing automatic operations of cleaning and optimization of the operating system without the risk of compromising its stability.
The program is very easy to use; once installed, you are prompted to scan the computer to assess the status and assign a rating.

Wise Care 365 Free Download

At this point the application will have identified all the junk files, and you can delete all files with a few clicks by improving computer performance and saving space on disk.

For Wise Care 365 pro users there is also the option to choose which items to delete, identified as invalid, between components or ActiveX COM, start-up programs missing or outdated, shared DLLs, empty keys, unnecessary traces of uninstalled programs, misconfigurations Windows Firewall and more.

In addition to increasing the performance and stability of the PC through the deletion of junk files, Wise Care 365 provides some additional tools to speed up the boot process, improve network and application response, defragment disks and registry.

Finally Wise Care 365 Free allows you to create the registry backup and a restore point to be recovered in cases where the computer stops working or shows repeated errors.
In the free version, some functions are blocked and cannot be used unless you do not choose to license PRO.

Size: 5.85 MB
License: Freeware
Publisher: WiseCleaner.com
Operating System: Windows

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