Free Download Pale Moon Project 25.7.0 - Pale Moon Project Review


Pale Moon project is a fantastic open source browser based on Firefox, but with a few tricks that make it lighter and faster. Although in fact a browser fully compatible with Firefox and with its plugins, has a code lightened by the functions that the programmers have not considered strictly necessary for the majority of users.

Free Download Pale Moon Project

This makes it faster that uses fewer resources (less memory, for example) and that the loading of pages is slightly faster.
Among the advantages is the fact that the extensions of Firefox, which sometimes are disabled by later versions. Recently the latter, continue to remain compatible with PaleMoon.

To import bookmarks, passwords, plugins, extensions, etc., From Firefox to PaleMoon there is a special program, called PaleMoon Migration Tool, available on the website of

Size: 20.3 MB
License: Freeware
Publisher: Pale Moon's distribution
Operating System: Windows