Wise Game Booster Full Download for Windows, Wise Game Booster Review


Wise Game Booster Full Download for Windows, Wise Game Booster Review

Wise Game Booster is a program essential for those who play with the computer as it improves performance for maximum speed and fluidity to the games.

Wise Game Booster Review:

Wise Game Booster 31.01.40 increases the response speed of running programs, closes automatically processes "do not respond", optimizes network performance and stops unnecessary processes; all with a simple click. For advanced users, you can manually manage the various processes of optimization with the arrest targeted applications and processes.

Wise Game Booster Full Download for Win

Wise Game Booster, in some cases can also be used to speed up and optimize your computer's performance for specific application that requires a lot of resources.

Wise Game Booster also has a window where you can place icons of your favorite games to have them on hand from a single location.

Size: 1.62 MB
License: Freeware
Publisher: WiseCleaner

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