PC Game FEAR Combat Download Free, FEAR Combat Game-play


PC Game FEAR Combat Download Free, FEAR Combat Game-play

FEAR Combat is a free multiplayer version of the acclaimed winner of FEAR awards, being considered the best game of 2005 by experts in the field and winning millions of fans, it promises to be a great success. In a visionary and sensible act, Sierra decided to put the game in the history, as well as Valve did with Half Life and Counter Strike, and ID Software with Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory.

PC Game FEAR Combat Download Free

But the fact the game is free does not mean it has limitations and has reduced its quality, however, FEAR Combat has all the multiplayer features of the paid version, as well as updates, official maps, game modes, weapons and the option to download content made by the community. Another important point is that both users of the free version, as the paid version can play together.

In order to play FEAR Combat, sign up on the site FEAR to get an activation key, and then install the game normally entering the code acquired with the manufacturer to authenticate your copy and allow you to play on official servers.

In FEAR Combat being a shooter in first person to be played with other people, it has a wide range of entertainment options and possibilities to create strategies. Play with friends on a private server or with people around the world in different game modes which give different game options and can play in teams or individually against each other.

Be faster than your enemies on the trigger.

All in amazing maps, weapons based on the US military experiments, high-end 3D graphics as well as physical effects of light and added to an awesome soundtrack, bringing an unprecedented realism and a great opportunity to almost endless fun.

size: 1.76 GB
For Windows XP / 200

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