phpMyAdmin 4.3.10 Download Free Full Version for Windows


Download phpMyAdmin 4.3.10 Free Full Version for Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8

PhpMyAdmin is a open source PHP program that allows you to administer a simplified MySQL database - MySQLi via a browser. The application is addressed both to database administrators, and users with permissions managed to turn from the MySQL database - MySQLi.

phpMyAdmin 4.3.10 for Windows

PhpMyAdmin allows you to create a database from scratch, create tables and perform cleanup operations on the same. Presents a feedback about creating tables to avoid any errors. Are provided functionality for entering data (population database), for queries, for data backup, etc ..

The administrator, however has available a graphical interface for managing users: the interface allows the insertion of a new user, changing the password and permission management that the user database
Size: 9:19 MB
License: GNU / GPL
Author: phpMyAdmin contributors

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