Download IObit Smart Defrag 3: How Effectively Defragment Your PC


Download IObit Smart Defrag 3: How Effectively Defragment Your PC

Smart Defrag 3 is the new solution IObit with which to perform a defragmentation of the hard drive of your Windows computer for optimizing the performance. As Windows users know, the "pieces" of installed programs are written in any order on the hard disk, a "disorder" that increases with the passage of time and with the constant installation and uninstallation of programs. Through the use of special tools, such as Smart Defrag, you can sort the files in such a way that they are contiguous. As a result, the operating system can access it more quickly making startup programs more immediate.

Download IObit Smart Defrag 3

The new Smart Defrag 3 is brought to light for improved overall efficiency than its predecessor. But first things first.

Fast, stable and designed for Windows 8

Smart Defrag 3 has been enhanced to be even easier to use, fast, stable and above all fully compatible with Windows 8 IObit has integrated a new engine that promises better performance, 100% security and a better overall optimization of defragmentation. All novelty that explains to the user during the installation phase. Installation Phase is important to emphasize, however, that users will be required to choose a few options such as using default Smart Defrag tool instead of the original Windows. Also, the first time the program will start a wizard that explains the new program but most are asked to choose the language and theme (light or dark).

Thanks to seamless integration with Windows 8, you can also insert Smart Defrag 3 as Tile interface in the new operating system from Microsoft. The interface of the program itself provide the better user experience.
In addition to displaying the hard drives on computers, IObit provides the ability to manage the folder containing the App Modern. Folder that can be defragmented in part to make the App Modern Windows even faster and responsive.

For each hard drive present analysis can be performed to verify the degree of fragmentation, the result of which is displayed through a handy chart that highlights the blocks of data through different colors (customizable). Subsequently, we will initiate Phase defragmentation that maximizes the performance of the hard disk. As in older versions of the program, is also the option to choose the level of depth optimization. All steps that can be performed manually or automatically.

Smart Defrag 3 offers the opportunity to schedule automatic defragmentation of the units in the most suitable to our needs (every day, every week or every month). This way we will not have to worry every time you make maintenance to the hard disk so constantly relying on the maximum possible optimization. And 'possible also choose to defragment the files during the bootstrap phase , opportunities that are particularly useful because you cannot always do so when the system has already started.

In addition, Smart Defrag 3 has been enhanced to consume less system resources in which it is installed. In this way you can perform all operations without going to slow down the normal activities of the computer.

To have a computer always efficient and responsive

Smart Defrag 3 cannot miss in the collections of software on your computer. Thoroughly tested on a Windows 8.1, gave excellent test of whether offering great speed and effectiveness. In particular, during the course of the optimization, were not seen details of the operating system slowdowns, a sign that the work of "slimming" of the program was very successful.

Planning a defragmentation week or even less, depending on how we use the computer, we will be able to ensure maximum efficiency.

Finally, aspect to consider carefully, Smart Defrag 3 provides all of these capabilities absolutely free.

Among the new features of Smart Defrag 3 we find:

  • New engine hard disk defragmentation
  • Full support of Windows 8 / 8.1 and Metro applications
  • Improved the efficiency of the function and Defrag disk analysis
  • New interface style meters with new map defragmentation
  • Improved stability of the boot time defrag
  • Reduced memory usage and system resources
  • Saving registers defragmentation and analysis
  • Bug fix

License: Free
Language: English
System: Windows
Latest Release:
Author: IObit
Size: 11 Mb