Download Fusion 2.7.10 Free for PC, Fusion Review


Download Fusion 2.7.10 Free for PC, Fusion Review

Fusion is a small utility designed for amateur photographers and digital image processing. The application allows you to combine multiple photos into an integral whole. It uses the popular mathematical algorithms, offering a satisfactory speed and a decent quality of the final results.

To create your own photomontage in Fusion just follow a few simple steps. First, you create a new project (application uses its own format FSN) and loaded into the selected files. They will be available to the list containing the most basic information (name, resolution, technical data). Each picture can be further rotated or scaled angle. Then proceed to the appropriate treatment. First, you should take advantage of the automatic adjustment of the position - particularly useful if, during the shooting did not use a tripod. 

Download Fusion 2.7.10 Free

There are two modes of operation:

• Aggregation (averaging pixels) of Fusion:
You can use the standard mechanism or algorithm Exposure Fusion, allowing the adaptation of priorities - this application automatically selects the most matching parts of various pictures and combines them into one photo. In that case, define the parameters taken into account (sharpness, contrast, color saturation, exposure). We define them using the weights (1 - most important, 0 - irrelevant parameters). Additionally, you can take advantage of the correction: smoothing, changes in brightness or set limitations histogram.

• Tone Mapping Operator
The application creates HDR (High Dynamic Range) with specified parameters. You can take advantage of the three modes (moderato, piano, forte), which can be modified on the basis of additional parameters (quality parts, compression level, contrast, reduction of the halo). Sliders are also available where you can make manual editing graphics.

After you complete the final result can be viewed in the main window and save to your hard drive.

The program interface is in English, but it is so friendly that less skilful users will have no problems with the service.

Manufacturer: Shorin Nick
License: Shareware (trial)
Size: 6.67 MB
Operating System: Windows XP / Vista / 7