Password Manager: KeePass 2.27 Download Free for Windows


Password Manager: KeePass 2.27 Download Free for Windows

Paaword Manager "KeePass" is the best ever tool to keep your all passwords at one place. Today is the time to remember many passwords in your mind or notebook or anywhere else. You need a password for your email, Windows network logon, online passwords, your website’s FTP password, etc etc. Almost all of you used different passwords for each accounts. It is because if you used one password everywhere then you are easily to get in problem by giving the password.


KeePass is a well designed software that is light weight and easy to use to remember the passwords. KeePass is also known as Password manager. It is free and open source software that helps you to manage all your passwords in a secure way.

Note: You only need to remember the master password.

Publisher: Dominik Reichl
License: Freeware
File Size: 2.4 MB
Published Date: 08/07/2014
Operating System Support: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7